Getting dressed is mostly about two things: Feeling and style. You want to express who you are, while also feeling both well-dressed and smart. So it's about creating a wardrobe that complements your personality.

With gorgeous fabrics, decorative prints and well-designed styles, step out into the world as the person you really are. Because that's exactly what our clothes are designed for.


Our unique shapes make it easy for you to find the most flattering style and fit for your body type and personal taste. Whatever you choose, the clothes will feel wonderfully comfortable to wear.


BIAS is one of our most popular shapes as it suits most body types. It is characterised by the fact that the fabric is cut on the diagonal and therefore wraps itself beautifully and elegantly around the body – with the same flexibility as elastic fabric – ideal for women of all shapes and sizes who like a feminine silhouette.


Fitted overdel Shaped overdel Basic overdel Basic overdel Bias overdel A-Shape overdel


Fitted skirts Casual skirts

Fitted Skirt

FITTED SKIRT is our most figure-hugging shape and is perfect for women who want to emphasise their figure slightly. The cut is slim-fitting.


Fitted trousers Casual trousers
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