Our design team bases every collection on unique colour themes. All colours and patterns within a colour theme can be combined. This makes it easy for you to create your own personal style.

Travel journal

Whenever we travel, we take notes of the impact of colours, patterns and ways of life around us. They inspire us to combine our prints in new ways. Travel Journal pairs new prints with classic, feminine styles for a look that easily goes with anything.

Japanese Jazz

Inspired by Japanese tradition and simplicity, this collection features modern, feminine prints and cuts with a focus on detail. The colours are subtle and monochrome, drawing warmth from the stunning poppy red.

Nature Notes

Let nature captivate you in Nature Notes and fall in love with our endless source of inspiration.

Electric Blue

We love blue as much as we love water and the sky's endless horizon. This season's blue is utterly electric – designed for the daring who aren't afraid to stand out from the crowd. Bold, graphic prints add exciting contrasts, while gorgeous soft knits let the colour shine on its own.

Jungle Days

Embrace fresh jungle green with wild prints and beautiful natural patterns for a fresh look. Choose the gorgeous, soft jersey styles in lime green to create a smart tone-in-tone look in green, black and white.


If you're looking for new colours, then this collection is just for you. We have played with colours and brush strokes to create these bright and dynamic prints that light up the dark. Contrast with warm earth tones for a truly unique look.

Simply jersey

Monochrome prints combined with soft and comfy jersey – these are guaranteed to be your new your wardrobe favourites, and are easy to feel both smart and relaxed in. Wear them quite simply as they are, or put them together with your favourite colour in a knit, scarf or pair of trousers.

Forever Black

Timeless black designs in different fabrics like knit, viscose, wool and jersey – great styles for your basic wardrobe.

White Notes

White and cream styles enable you to create consistency between colours and prints and add a lovely light element to your style.